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"November to January" 【All-you-can-drink 3h】 All-you-can-eat Hakata, Hakata beef casserole etc. 【Luxurious Tankpot Course】 4980 yen "All 9 items"

"November to January" 【All-you-can-drink 3h】 All-you-can-eat Hakata, Hakata beef casserole etc. 【Luxurious Tankpot Course】 4980 yen "All 9 items"

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All-you-can-drink available

3 o'clock hour All you can drink * All last order is 30 minutes before ※ You can change to premium drinking at + 500 yen (limited time) 【11/30 (Friday】】 and 【December】 will be all-you-can-drink 2 hour system.

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

«Entertaining, important banquet ... luxurious! Extreme course» Farewell reception party birthday girls' party all-you-can-drink private room Ginkgo for private ◎ The premium all-you-can-drink is the demon king, Sato black etc, sake is a drunkard, Ruihaku, Lian Zhang, Akuro , Miya no pine, Horai Aizumi and other fruit liquor, plum wine etc. ♪ (30 hours of all you drink) ♪ (3 hours is limited for a limited time)

Course menu

■ Hakata Mentaiko

■ Four kinds of horse-sticks

■ Black pig shabu-shabu sesame creamy salad

■ Kagoshima specialty Satsumiba fried

■ Season! Broiled hockey

■ Black pig hands Tsukune skewers

■ Specialty! Hakata beef tenderpot

■ Lunch chan noodle

■ Anno potato pound cake

※ Credit card can not be used

◇ Welcome party · For those who use it on birthday ◇

We will have an oversized parfait with a message at +2160 yen!

Please do not hesitate to consult !!

※ [11/30 (Friday)] and 【December】 will be all-you-can-drink 2 hour system.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Draft beer, giraffe zero isi (non alcohol)
· Shochu
· Rim Dynasty, Black Kirishima, Kyushu Omachi, Asakura Usagi, Sixth Person Hundreds, Ichimono, Ichimon (Red), Red Rabbit, Isami, Red Rabbit (Purple), Mt. Mikake, Futanoba Mountain, Midori, Dancy, Nikaido, Shuttle, white water, seaweed wind
· 2 hot summers, 2 cool season drinks
· Francia <red · white> (decanter), kitty (red wine + ginger ale), operator (white wine + ginger ale)
· Cocktail 1
· Cassis (Orange · Grapefruit · Soda · Milk · Oolong), Peach (Orange · Grapefruit · Soda · Milk · Oolong), Jin (Rock · Tonic · Ginger · Ale · Soda · Orange · Grapefruit)
· Cocktail 2
· Vodka (Rock · Tonic · Ginger Ale · Soda · Orange · Grapefruit), Kalua (Milk · Oolong · Cola)
· Chu-hi
· Lemon, Ume, Giant Peak, Oolong, Calpis, Green Apple
· High Ball, Cork High Ball, Ginger High Ball
·Plum wine
· Rock, soda split, hot water split, water split, non-alcohol plum wine
·Soft drink
· Coke, Orange, Ginger Ale, Calpis, Grapefruit, Calpis Soda, Oolong, Giant Peak, Giant Pepper Soda, Green Apple, Blue Apple Soda
· 【+ 500 yen premium】 plum wine · fruit liquor (rock / soda split / hot water split)
· Mature full-bodied plum wine / Five generations "Shochu ware of rice wine (wheat)" / Nigori Ryu liquor / Okinawa black sugar entering plum wine / Five generations "Shochu warehouse plum wine" Potato shochu preparation / plenty sweet summer / red rabbit horse citrus plum wine
· 【+ 500 yen premium】 sake
· Psychological / pine pine special net / rice special special rice / Horai Izumi / Mizutaka book brewing super dry / Reza sake rice liquor

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